Bucks County Professional Window Cleaning, LLC - For All Of Your Home Maintenance Needs
Following is a list of estimated prices for some of our services.  If you would like a free in-home estimate, please don't hesitate to call.  We'll be happy to provide one for you.
Window Cleaning:
$3.00 per side for an average sized window that has the grids between the panes of glass or no grids at all and $3.00 per side for windows that have removable grids.  Meaning, if your window is "a little bigger or a little smaller" than an average sized window, it will be $2.50 or $3.00 per side.  "Grids" are the plastic or wooden inserts that give your windows the appearance of having squares.
$6.00 for inside and outside together
$10-$12 per set for storm windows (in/out of house window, in/out of storm window)
$12-$15 per set for storm windows with squares
$5.00 per side for skylights ($10 for inside/outside of skylight)
$15-$30 for inside/outside of paladium windows, depending on the size
$2.50 per screen to remove/wash/replace the screens (no charge for screens if we are not washing them)
If we are removing your screens to store them for the winter and putting them in your basement/attic/garage there is usually a fee of approximately $10 - $20
Chandeliers vary in price depending on the size and amount of time to clean.
Exterior lights typically are between $5-$12 each
Ceiling fans are typically between $5-$25 each depending on how high it is, if it is lighted and how long it takes to clean.
This is just a rough guide to help you "guestimate" your home.  Please call for a free estimate if you would like more specific pricing for your windows or any of our other services.
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